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Bride Tidings Enterprise Limited was established in 1994 by the visionary entrepreneur
Mr. Matthew Kwadwo Nkansah.  In 1995, the enterprise was incorporated under the company’s with act of the Republic of Ghana as a limited liability company with the mandate of doing business in export, import and general investment category.  We thus have the mandate to take advantage of any strategic investment, and this we have been doing and continue to do.

The company has a total work force of 100 staff members with several partner agents all over the world.

The company has over the years exported tons of medicinal and edible seeds mainly Griffonia Simplicifolia and Voacanga Africana to Europe.

Excellence is the hallmark of our existence and in our stride towards excellence,we have won various awards over the past few years.These include:

Euromarkets awards for emerging markets for 1999 in Brussels organised by the European Marketing Research Centre.

The best Medicinal Seeds and Plants Supplier recognized by the Ghana Export Promotion Council.

The Company's Mission is to provide efficient, reliable and quality exports and facilitate imports as well as partner with other business entities to take advantage of strategic investment opportunities for the greater good of mankind. The company operates in various sectors of the Ghanaian economy and offers tremendous opportunities for investors interested in entering the Ghanaian market.


. To become the leading producer and supplier of medicinal seeds and plants such as Griffonia Simplicifolia Seeds and Voacanga Africana Seeds both raw and processed in West Africa.

2. To establish cocoa processing factory in Ghana for the production of Cocoa powder, Liquor, butter and confectionaries for local consumption and export.

3. To cultivate and organize farmers to produce agro and botanical products  for processing, to add value for local consumption and export.

4.  To provide hospital and accommodation for workers.

5.  To provide quality, drinking water and fruit juices such as pineapple, orange and mango drinks to improve the nutritional state for the betterment of the people in Ghana and export to other African countries.

6. To establish a Comprehensive International Model School in Ghana with boarding and hostel facilities for Lecturers and students as well.

7. Finally, to set up a foundation to assist the poor and needy in Ghana and the world at large.